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Neighborhood Spotlight: Sloan's Lake

Naturally, the only proper way to debut our neighborhood spotlight series is with our own neighborhood, Sloan’s Lake!  Come to this portion of the HomeBirds blog for a little bit of insight into Denver’s neighborhoods.  We’ll discuss property values, neighborhood feels, and likely our favorite places to eat or hang out in each area.

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3 Steps to Picking a Rockstar Buyers Agent

In 2017, 13 percent of buyers did not use a real estate agent when purchasing their home.The reality is that many people don’t realize that as a buyer, you don’t pay A DIME to your agent. Did you know that? So why wouldn’t you want someone experienced to represent your best interests?

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A Very Unexpected Post Closing Expense

You’ve bought your house, you’ve spent everything down to the lint in your pocket and then…..”OMG that costs how much?!”.  The biggest expense post closing that we were not really expecting was blinds.  Yes, BLINDS! Fabric that covers windows. Who would have thought?

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