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Your laundry room is so..


Laundry Room DIY

If you’re a first time homebuyer like us, you’re probably dealing with a super small laundry or utility space. Our’s is no more than a closet! I was so tired of having my detergent and supplies sit on top of the washer, and hanging sweaters all over the house to dry. We HAD to do something, but some simple wire shelving wasn’t cutting it for me.

After some Pinterest exploring, we did this laundry closet makeover in less than two days and $500 dollars so we figured we’d share our process!

  1. Stikwood. Wow, this stuff is amazing and truly fool proof. The title rings true to the product, just peel and stick. We ordered a grey “Cobblestone” color to match the rest of our house (it was also cheaper), but I love the reclaimed weathered wood as well. Try to mosey around the website for a little so they serve you an ad or send you a coupon! This was the most expensive part, but it was worth it for the ease and the dramatic effect!


2. Drying Space. My main concern with storage was having somewhere to hang clothes to dry. Enter, drying rack! I found mine at pottery barn but there are tons of different styles of these based on what will be most functional for you. I also found some wall mounted hooks at HomeGoods that look similar to these hooks for additional hanging space.

3. Storage. We snagged some shelves from HomeDepot and hung them using some cute iron (fake iron, ha) brackets from Ikea! Tip- you can drill right through the Stikwood to mount shelves like you would regular drywall (using anchors). We weren’t sure if it would work out, but it did!

4. Decor. I am not an interior genius so my back up is cute baskets and faux plants. I found baskets from HomeGoods and Ikea to hide things like dryer sheets and delicates bags. Ikea is killing it on the faux plants lately. I loved how the one I picked drops down over the shelf. It doesn’t look incredibly real, but I can barely keep a succulent by a window alive, let alone a plant in a dark closet.

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