Home Accessories for Dummies


Wow, how are all of their books the same color?

They're fake.

Like most of the world, I’m not a professional decorator nor can I afford one! While I love the idea of buying books purely for the color of their spine, the reality of decorating your home is that you actually need somewhere to put your REAL book.  First world struggles, I know. We decided to add this DIY section to the blog to bring some real world type of advice to making your house a home. And we promise our suggestions will always be affordable. Hello, Target! In the inaugural post, I’m going to talk accessories! These 5 accessorizing tips are an extremely easy way to give your empty walls some swag and maybe even warrant a compliment from the in-laws.  Move over, Martha Stewart!

1. Window Sills

Place faux succulents or a small planter of herbs on your window sills.  

I love this 5 pack of faux succulents from Amazon.  So cheap, and they look EXTREMELY real! Compliments galore.

This all in one herb kit from Target comes with everything you need to fill a kitchen window sill.  No dirt buying required. Phew.

2. Floor Vases

A large floor vase with some neutral stems (or you can leave it empty!) is a great addition to a staircase, entryway, or hallway corner to fill out an otherwise empty feeling transitional space. 

Mine is from Z Gallerie, and currently on Sale! They have a large selection of vases and fillers and they frequently run promotions.  Try a metallic filler like I did which will match pretty much any variety of decor.

3. Textures

One of my favorite tricks to make a new bathroom feel decorated is to choose a textured towel. These white towels add a style element to any bathroom without much design vision. And you need towels no matter what, right?!

4. Mirrors

Art is hard. Like so hard. How do you know if different art pieces will look good in the same room? TBD readers, TBD. Maybe I’ll work on a blog post to help with this but in the meantime, start with mirrors!

Place a large circular mirror over an entry or console table.  Or try a few mirrors scattered around a sidewall (always use odd numbers when decorating).  

Also, try a floor length mirror in room corners, next to a bed, or at the top of a staircase.  There are so many of these for a great price at any local HomeGoods. 

5. Candles

Empty coffee table? Put a candle on it.  Empty nightstand? Put a candle on it. Little do people know, Beyonce’s song was actually about candles, not rings.  Discounted candles are all over HomeGoods and I suggest buying larger 3 wick+ versions with pretty labels for this purpose. 

You can also buy sets of candle votives to scatter around.  Whether you fill them or not, no one will notice! I have this set in Silver.  It came with all 6 for one price.

Happy decorating!