Introduction To HomeBirds



We're so happy you're here!

While going about our daily lives we realized how little most people tend to know when it comes to basic financial literacy and the cornerstone of building personal wealth, home buying!  As a realtor, Jon has heard the phrase “This might be a stupid question, but….” too many times to ignore. They aren't stupid questions!

Recognizing that there is a major lack of basic education regarding personal finance and the home buying process, we decided to put our heads together and create an online community for home buyers, new homeowners, and the like! 

We’re excited to bring you, HomeBirds, and we are passionate about bringing candor and humor to an otherwise stale and intimidating topic.  We hope you find our content educational but also a fun and entertaining way to help us all get better at #adulting.  Make sure to follow us on instagram @homebirdsblog for more content and get the party started by reading our perspective on the first thing you should do after deciding you want to buy home.