3 Steps to Picking a Rockstar Buyers Agent


Know any agents?

Well, my mom's friend's sister's friend sold a house once...Does that count?

In 2017, 13 percent of buyers did not use a real estate agent when purchasing their home.The reality is that many people don’t realize that as a buyer, you don’t pay A DIME to your agent. Did you know that? So why wouldn’t you want someone experienced to represent your best interests? Especially as a first time buyer! Sellers pay commission, so it would be a bizarre choice to fly solo on this journey. No offense, 13%.  Here’s a quick 3 step guide to find that special someone <3

We recommend interviewing at least 2 agents. If you don’t know anyone immediately, they’re easy to find:

  • Ask your friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations. This is likely better than a google search. Great SEO does not equal great real estate skills.

  • Go to an open house and talk with agent.  I know I’m not the only one that secretly loves open houses.  No judgement. The agents in attendance are likely motivated to find new clients and would be happy to chat with you.

Okay, so now you’re making me awkwardly meet with this stranger, what do I ask them?

Have they done business in the area you are looking to buy?

  • Some realtors are more knowledgeable in certain areas.  If you’re friend’s mom’s friend’s sister is a realtor in Vail, that doesn't mean you’d want to choose them to work with you buying in Downtown Denver.

How much business have they done in the last year?

  • They should have written AT LEAST two deals. Strong emphasis on the AT LEAST. Is selling real estate their full time job? This is very important. You would be amazed how many people are doing real estate on the ‘side’. Maybe you’ve even thought about it. Sadly the profession has a low cost of entry, so some people attempt to get in to make a quick buck. In reality, you wouldn’t pick a financial adviser who does it on the side so don’t choose a Realtor who does the same. TRUST.

Are they a REALTOR®? 

  • What, these fancy “r-circle” symbols are actually legit? Yes! Just because an agent has a license does not mean they are a REALTORS®. REALTORS® join the National Association of REALTORS® (AKA, NAR. Yay Acronyms!) and are held to a higher standard. They take additional training as well as abide by a code of ethics. And everyone loves ethics. We love THIS article, which explains more about this designation.

Great, this agent checks all the boxes!  But I don’t really vibe with them, does that matter?

YES!  I promise this individual is going to see a crazy side of you.  There will be bumps in the process where you honestly Just. Cant. Deal. You want someone you can trust and get along with.  Someone who understands your affinity for closet space, or could make a tiff with your significant other feel less awkward. When it is all said and done and you choose right, there is a good chance you become friends if not lifelong friends with your Realtor. #besties