We're just two homebirds ourselves... :)

We’re Jon and Lindsey and we’re a young couple living in the beautiful and growing city of Denver, Colorado.  Jon is a Real Estate broker and ½ of the Glery Ross Group at Kentwood Real Estate. He comes from a career in the finance industry working for Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor.  You could say he's a black belt in all things finance and real estate. Lindsey is a marketing management guru who specializes in content production, including what's on this blog! :)

We are passionate about bringing education and community to our followers that are looking for guidance into financial independence, home ownership and lifetime wealth.  As home owners ourselves, we understand exactly how #cray this market is! And unfortunately, our education system focuses more on the Pythagorean theorem than it does the tools we need to understand and tackle our adult lives with a competitive advantage. Well, enough of that! We hope this blog gives you the tools and confidence you need to take the next step into financial independence.  Home buying! To learn more, check out our first blog post "Introduction to HomeBirds".


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